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Site Updated

Updated the Site Removed the share buttons feature, it broke the community aspect of the website, sorry if that affected anyone 🙁 will replace when I and find and test a replacement. Added a nice motorcycle button at the bottom of…


Looking for volunteers

Hi fellow bikers, you may not know that LincsBikers is run by one person, myself MarkNHewitt I am looking for help running LincsBikers and all that goes with it. Looking for people to write articles, anything motorcycle or biker related,…


Site update

So a lot has happened over the last few weeks on Lincsbikers website, profiles are back ( sorry if you registered way back when but you’ll have to re register 🙁 we had to rewrite a lot of code and…


Write it yourself

Lincsbikers is all about the bikers voice, your voice and we want all of you to be able to  post news, opinions, articles, events, almost anything you like. So now once you can registered and logged in you will be able…


Better Security for Members

We have beefed up security on the lincsbikers website. now the community portion of the website, ie profiles, member list and activity is now only viewable by members. If you have any concerns please feel free to get in touch.


Securing the site

As requested we are securing the LincsBikers website so in the not to distant future we will only be serving secure https pages on the website. Why have we gone to the trouble of doing this. To secure the login…



You can now login with your username or email, it should make it easier for when you login after registration because some browsers have been filling the username on the login screen with your registered email address and confusing a…