Site update


So a lot has happened over the last few weeks on Lincsbikers website, profiles are back ( sorry if you registered way back when but you’ll have to re register 🙁 we had to rewrite a lot of code and was easier to start from fresh, this wont happen again).

You can submit new content to the website, articles,  new places to go and events. just login and follow the links, all bikers have a voice on Lincsbikers.

The Forums are back to but no complete, we cant decide on how to format the forum but with your help, we can get it right for everyone.

As for the groups we are not sure how we are going to use this feature, we will leave it for know until the user base grow and we find out what you bikers want.

Lincsbikers will only get better with your feedback, so if there is something you would like to see on the website please let us know.

Mark N Hewitt
Mark N Hewitt
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