Supporting LincsBikers

About LincsBikers Creator

As you may know, LincsBikers is run solely by one individual (Mark Hewitt – Me) I

I have been running LincsBikers on my own, at my own cost, for the last 10 years.

Running LincsBikers takes a lot of time and energy, about 1-2 hours each day. I need to make a bit of money to keep running it. If you enjoy LincsBikers and you think it’s a valuable resource to the Local Biker Community, please take a moment to read how much I spend on LincsBiker. I currently need help with the upkeep. Small amounts do help.

Why are there Google Ads on the Website

There are ads on the website because that is currently the only way I can get some revenue back, its a small amount the only really pays for the LincsBikers domain each year.

Current costs

Domain Name = £11 p/a

Webserver = £7 p/m currently on shared hosting

What I would like to do with LincsBikers

I would like to put LincsBikers onto a dedicated server this would make the website run better. Cost = £20 p/m

I would also like to use CloudFlares Automatic Platform Optimization (APO). Cost = £5 p/m

All donations are used to fund the Lincsbikers domain, webserver, development.

If I start to get Regular Donations I want to completely remove Google Ads and Google Analytics from the website. This will dramatically increase website speed and make the user experience MUCH better.

Thank you

Mark N Hewitt (LincsBikers Creator)