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About LincsBikers Creator

As you may know, LincsBikers is run solely by one individual (Mark Hewitt – Me) I’m currently out of work due to Covid-19 and ill health, I also have a disability that doesn’t help when finding work.

I have been running LincsBikers on my own at my own cost for the last 7 years

Running LIncsBikers takes a lot of time and energy (about 1-2 hours each day), and I need to make a bit of money to keep running it. If you enjoy LincsBikers and you think it’s a valuable resource to the Local Biker Community, please take a moment to read how much I spend on LincsBiker. I currently need help with the upkeep – small amounts do help!

Why are there Google Ads on the Website

There are ads on the website because that is currently the only way I can get some revenue back, its a small amount the only really pays for the LincsBikers domain each year.

Current costs

Domain Name = £10 p/a

Webserver = £5 p/m currently on shared hosting

What I would like to do with LincsBikers

I would like to put LincsBikers onto a dedicated server this would make the website run better. Cost = £20 p/m

I would also like to use CloudFlares Automatic Platform Optimization (APO). Cost = £5 p/m

All donations are used to fund the Lincsbikers domain, webserver, development.

If I start to get Regular Donations I will completely remove Google Ads and Google Analytics from the website. This will dramatically increase website speed and make the user experience MUCH better.

Thank you

Mark N Hewitt (LincsBikers Creator)

Announcement: If you are a Motorcycle Related Business Owner / Manager. Please make sure you get listed on LincsBikers for Free, Thank you.Message Us