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What do you expect from a motorcycle training school………?

A first time pass ? I don’t know of any car or bike instructor who can guarantee a first time pass (although some try!). Well 80% of you go out and but your dream machines, whilst 98% of the re-treads pass a second time (“the best riders pass second time! No one told me I wasn’t allowed to slide to a halt on my emergency stop!!”) Remember if you do fail first time it is usually because of nerves on the day amplifying any weak areas encountered during training, our job is to eliminate those weak areas well before test day..

Others might find cornering confidently and/or emerging from junctions a problem, some of you forget all about your indicators after you made a turn because something distracted you, usually a vehicle that shouldn’t have been there or an inconsiderate traffic-light. The biggest tip I can give you is to simply trust that the information given to you by your instructor will be the best to achieve your goal, the bike will only do what is asked of it, and the only thing stopping it is you.

The Boss, Ade Thomas

Alpha’s proprietor is Mr J A Thomas (known to all as Ade). He’s been in the motorcycle training environment since 1990 as a volunteer instructor with the BMF, moving on to professional instruction having left Air Traffic Control in the RAF in 92 – later starting Alpha in 94 (“and will probably be doing this till I die!”). “We must always strive to be the best we can in what we do (or at least, do the best we can in what we do). You can rest assured that the staff follow the same ethos, they’ve all got certificates to show how good they are at riding bikes and instructing. I am on the DSA Approved Register for post test (Enhanced Riders Scheme) motorcycle trainers, . I hold a RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Instruction, DIA (Driving Instructors Association) Advanced Motorcyclist, RosPA Gold grade Advanced Motorcyclist, IAM Advanced Motorcyclist, BMF Blue Ribband Grade ‘A’ and DAS Cert Instructor. This means I can teach instructors to teach advanced level, teach the public to advanced level, teach the public to pass their bike test and teach instructors to teach the public to pass their bike test. And. . . . . . . I’ve not finished yet – I’m still upgrading!!”

At Alpha you will also find Maria. Maria is the so – called “Real “ Boss, because she tells everybody what they are doing (including the So – called proper Boss, who just agrees with everything because its better that way!)
Maria is mostly found in the office driving the desk (sometimes Dave the Dyson). She will be your first contact either on the phone, web or in person if you are passing, she is the wise oracle that will inform you of everything “motorcycle” unless its maintenance based and then the rest of us are allowed to speak.
Maria has a warm and welcoming smile (but don’t argue with her) and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Assessments, CBT, Training Courses and Test availability in addition to any other enquires you may have. Even if you are still struggling with the theory test you can arrange to come and see her and she will unravel the mysteries of the hazard perception part of the theory test on our computers.

Mark N Hewitt
Mark N Hewitt
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