Hockmeyers garage Sleaford

Guys and gals.

I stopped at hochmeyers garage in Sleaford this morning for fuel, as I have on many occasions over the years. Pulled up as usual and commenced fuelling as usual. Now I went in to pay and was greeted by the cashier gesturing and shouting at me to take my helmet off!

never before have they asked this, and I had my wallet in my gloved hand ready to pay.

she would not even talk to me until I removed my gloves and helmet, and looked at me like I was some sort of filth.

i asked the obvious question. Would she for a burka or a hoody to be removed. She grunted and said she was fed up with being asked that.

however, she would not answer me, so I told her that she is descriminating against bikers if that is the case.

She then very rudely said I could come back later and talk to the manager I wanted to. I politely told her that I would not do that, and would be taking mine and families business elsewhere in the future.

the way they let you have the fuel and trap you into having to remove your lid is very underhand, and if I had known first off I would not have filled up.

another example of being unfriendly to bikers, so I’m letting everyone know so we can hopefully boycott them and go to biker friendly garages who deserve our hard earned!

Adam Dearing
Adam Dearing
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