George Catlin and Bernard Codd

George Catlin and Bernard Codd both famous for winning trophies at the Isle of Mann TT

The 1950s are recognised as the golden era of the sport of motorcycle road racing in Great Britain when eight riders won twenty-two world titles between them.

The likes of Geoff Duke, probably the first world motorcycling superstar, John Surtees, Bill Lomas, Cecil Sandford, and the up and coming Mike Hailwood at the close of the decade, led the way. But George Catlin and Bernard Codd, two Lincolnshire riders, were certainly a force to be reckoned with, especially on the short circuits of this country and on the notorious Isle of Man TT mountain circuit.

Both riders were farmer’s sons. George was born in Minting in 1932, while Bernard was born in Wrangle in 1934. George started grass track racing and scrambling in 1949 and then of course road racing, where he drew the attention of Stan Hanson, a Skegness businessman, who soon sponsored him and had him mounted on Manx Norton machines. Bernard started in trials riding and drew the attention of Austin Munks, of Leverton, a motor garage proprietor and four times Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix winner, who also soon had him Norton mounted.

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