All the Changes that have been made to the LincsBikers Website. As you may know, LincsBikers website is run on WordPress with many plugins, This changelog doesn’t include any core or plugin updates, only visible changes are announced. 2018-11-02
  • Added Facebook Messenger links to the Mapped Locations.
  • Changed the Google Map for an Embedded Map. This is done to save cash on google map views that are now chargeable. Now I have to add a map manually to every mapped location
  • Changed the look of the Mapped Locations and moved the map position.
  • Changed the comments disclaimer as I was still getting comments on location pages asking if I have something in stock or can I book tickets 🙁
  • Fixed navigation menu as a plugin update broke the ccs 🙁
  • Fixed menu height when logged into the website – so it looks nicer.
  • Disabled the community portion of the website it was taking up to many resources for something that’s not being used. Will delete it in the near future.
  • added ShareThis social share buttons to the website.
  • Added Click to load on most maps, because Google has decided not to play nice with google maps. May change to another map provider in the near future.
  • Fixed an error with the menu not expanding on some smaller displays.
  • Changed the way that the local clubs & groups work, making it easier to add new groups.
  • Changes the width of the desktop version of the website, so the maximum width is now 1920px, with was done to make the websites fully responsive.
  • Changed the header media file to make it less deep to make room for the upcoming featured event slider on all pages except the front page.
  • Added a link to our new demo site to showcase some of the changes coming to LincsBikers on our About Us Page.
  • Edited the contact form – to help stop users trying to use the form for contacting other venues and businesses.
  • Changelog started.
These are only changes to the design and function of the website, not new pages or post.
Please note that comments made on this site may not be seen by the businesses personality or venues related to this particular page. The comments are for talking about the News, Announcement, Place, personality or Event. Thanks, LincsBikers

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